Debra is the mother to Sage Joseph, born May 5th 2002. Sage unexpectedly died on April 3rd 2013. Since Sages passing Debra has been healing, loving and exploring the silver lining and soul potential that grief invites.

Debra has over 20 years experience with working with people as a facilitator, coach, healer, story weaver and guide. She is a trained healing practitioner with experience and training in Traditional Chinese Massage Therapy and Acupressure, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Meditation, Applied Theatre and Narrative.

I am a mother, sister, lover, friend, grief guide, white witch healer, soul seeker, student and teacher.

Death has come to me more than once and I have found that death has been generous. I have received gifts. Admittedly they are hard to unwrap as they are bound in grief. It is in the unwrapping that the grief becomes lighter. In the lightness of the heart the soul stretches and expands.

As a grief guide, author, speaker and healer, I assist people to find new ways to be with the grief that follows a death or a broken heart.

I center my work on helping people to transform and expand. To accept, acknowledge and receive all the gifts available to them - those gifted in times of life, love and joy, as well as death and loss.

My wish is to share my knowing of love and spirit with the world in a way that is honest, grounded, vulnerable, and supportive.

I want to share my love of the soul and its unique expression. To share love and to ease the hurt where possible and show how it is in our “ouch” that we can find layers of ourselves and soul expand.

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Debra & Sage

When Sage was four years old we sat together one day playing a game of Old Maid. It's a card game for children that teaches about people, jobs and the characters of our world through matching pairs of the same card. The butcher matches the butcher and the old maid matches the old maid. If you get a match you win that hand. Sage and I never did play to win or compete with each other but we did love to play with the cards. On this one day I remember a card we turned over was of the witch. Sage without missing a beat said; "Look mum, it's you!" I had never shared with Sage my secret desire to be my full self, the white witch healer, he simply saw her, the witch in me.

Photo taken the last summer we spent together. December 2012.