My wish is to share with you how I have swum and survived in the oceans of grief. To share how to swim and surf in the waves, how to thaw when frozen, and where to seek cover to wait out the storm.
— Debra, your grief guide

Crashing Waves

Are you being pulled under? Are the waves crashing faster than you can recover?

This mentoring package will teach you how to manage the waves that crash, to tread water and eventually swim. You will connect to the gifts and possibilities available to you and will begin to live with a balanced and buoyant perspective.

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Frozen & Silent

Do you feel numb? Is it hard to share how you feel with loved ones? Do you feel isolated?

This mentoring package will assist you to gently thaw and begin to express and share how you feel. You will move from isolation to connection, from silence to expression and will create movement forward.

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The Storm

Do you feel like you live in the eye of the storm? Are you seeking cover and a safe haven? Are you trapped in the loss and feel anger, guilt, or resentment?

This mentoring package will provide you with tools and strategies to survive the storm. You will learn how to manage the many emotions that a storm brings and will shift from chaos and confusion to clarity and calm.

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