To Die by Magic

To Die by Magic

Tool # 7 To Die by Magic

Grief at times, and often,is  isolating. As the heart crushes under its’ weight the mind can take over and run wild. The mind can play tricks, build fantasies, repeat mantras or beliefs. The mind can be either our close enemy or our supportive friend. To quieten and soften the mind makes space for the release of negativity, patterns of thought, and in turn, the opening of the heart.

Over my years in deep relationship to grief, I have found meditation to be more than useful, but necessary. When I feel myself slipping further down and under the waves of grief I seek meditation and the quiet of mind to ease myself back into the focus of keeping my head above the water and away from deep holes of the unknown end.

I do not claim to be a master at meditation. Some days I barely get a moment of quiet, other days it can stretch beyond the time allowed. For me, it is in the sitting down at the moment and simply being with myself, my full self. The hurt, the healed, and the seeker in me. The commitment to sit allows space and time to check in with patterns of thought, repeated feelings and reveals the spaces in my body that are stuck or stiff. Most of the time, it is uncomfortable. Some days I avoid it, some days I crave it. All days I know it to be a practice that supports me, even if for only a moment.

The true benefit is in the way the day unfolds after the quiet.


Seek the quiet for 15 minutes.

When I began to practice meditation I found teachers online, and in life, to assist me in my learning. A friend sat with me one day to teach me the breathing she focuses on to ease her into her practice. An online course guided me over days to sit still. A gifted CD gave me a resource to reach for. Mantras passed on through teachers grounded me in the breath, and music filled the quiet on the days my ego self was insisting on being the leader of the gang.

A meditation and resource that I return to, and have now for years, is from the work of Abraham Hicks.

Their 15-minute meditation for general wellbeing is my grounding source. I return to this meditation when I feel lost or if I know days of a repeated practice are needed to settle and raise my vibration.


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