Tools 4 Transformation

~Intuitive Mentoring and Coaching Program ~

Guided by the 4 phases of the moon, the 4 bodies, our 4 base human emotions, and the 4 elements.

Tools 4 Transformation has been designed to work with the impacts of death and the process of grief. This course will support those seeking new pathways and tools to transform their grief to tune into the potential for love and soul expansion that grief can gift.

The Tools 4 the Soul Intuitive Mentoring program will guide you through online lessons and meditations, teach you tools and, will directly support you via personalized one on one online sessions to assist you in transforming your mindset, heart space and soul potential.

In order to grieve we must first love.

This course will focus on how your love for another can guide you to greater love and peace for yourself and your new year. You will learn tools that will support you in the months and years ahead. You will be given the chance to look toward new horizons, into the deep sky of your potential future, holding the balance of your grief and the joy possible in days to come.

Debra, Thank you so so much. I am definitely lighter and yet carrying the heavy burden of grief, but I am able to function and laugh. I am so grateful to you and everything that you share. It is much needed work.Katelyn, October 2018

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