TOOLS 101 - an introduction

The TOOLS shared are intended to be offerings of potential ways to travel through and with grief, loss or a broken heart. The process of healing and moving towards acceptance and a new way of being beyond the loss is not a one size fits all and is not as easy as following a series of exercises or a well intended one two three step guide. There is no magic pill (but magic can help!)

For me, it is a way of being. It is in the choices I make and the focus I place on both grief and joy. It is ever changing and deepening.

Different tools are needed as the path unfolds and some are to be repeated daily, on anniversaries, once in a blue moon or at times of the moon cycle; particularly full and new moon. They are available to you on the days that grief is heavy and the waters of emotions are rising, and also on the days when Joy invites you to play. They add value, a new frame with which to view your experiences and can be the ‘thing’ to do when you feel lost or on the days that are simply harder. The tools can help to ease the ouch and invite possibilities of magic and an opening and repair of our heart muscles.

As the muscles of your heart mend they will go through periods of strengthening and times when the tear of the muscle is fresh again. Our hearts are constantly changing. A broken heart can never be closed as the broken pieces will never quite fit together as they were before. While in repair the broken edges create openings for the feelings to flow out and in. 

Grief is the repair of the broken heart and sad soul and it takes time, sometimes a lifetime. I believe that while we repair we can also ask for and receive gentle care, comfort and experiences of joy, contentment, new love, and on the gifted days a heart that feels at peace.